What’s the next best thing to a visit from Saint Nick?

A visit from Lise Marinelli – just in time for the holidays!

Lise-speakingLise has extensive experience as a speaker/presenter at workshops, book launches, conferences and lifelong learning classes.

With the publication of her newest children’s book, Lise is looking forward to dedicating more time to visiting schools, youth organizations and groups, libraries and bookstores to share the story and message of Merry Birthday.

As a busy mother of four, the entrepreneurial president of a startup publishing company and a veteran of marketing and sales, Lise brings a unique, irreverent and captivating style to her author presentations.

Kids of all ages – whether an actual child who has a birthday on or near a holiday – or a friend or relative of a child with such a birthday – will recognize the conundrum faced by a child with a holiday-related birthday – and will come away with a new-found appreciation and new outlook of how to make these children shine.

Not only will a presentation by author Lise Marinelli be entertaining and captivating, Lise will make holiday birthday kids (of all ages) feel special and will lead all audience members/participants in a thought-provoking activity related to the book!

Presentations now available for:

  • Libraries
  • Classrooms (K-5)
  • Book fairs
  • Bookstores
  • Youth Organizations


Please contact Lise’s publicist, Francesca Amari (info@theagencyweb.net) for more information or to schedule a visit; or click HERE