2010 IBPA

Benjamin Franklin Award

for Historical Fiction!

Falling From the Moon

Adeline Harris thinks she has it all figured out. As Hitler’s war spreads across Europe and the last of the Great Depression lingers, she works her way out of the hole in which she inadvertently finds herself. Her parents, George and Susie, are battling their own demons — and nobody’s plans turn out as expected.

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It’s not often that a first-time author captures its readers and doesn’t let them go. But Lise Marinelli did just that. In her first book, Falling from the Moon, Marinelli brings the environment of the 1930s together with beautifully developed characters to create a story too hard to put down.

Marinelli, a Michigan native, has spent years gathering the true stories of generations before her. The characters in Falling From the Moon were born from those stories, and have matured onto the pages of her book, speaking for themselves and pulling us in to their lives.

Falling From the Moon is a historical fiction novel, a vintage love story, that doesn’t just hit on the universal themes of time. This unique and fresh novel takes us through the complex journey on which each character travels, and allows the reader a new experience to add to their library.

“Lise is a talented story writer and book publisher. I have read this book two times and couldn’t put it down. It reminded me of stories my grandfather told me back in the day of love, baseball dreams, hard times, and the great depression. Truly a book to buy now.” Author Jeanne Danks, “The Successful Truth”


I read Falling from the Moon in one day and was sorry that it ended so quickly. Usually, I am not a fan of growing-up, coming-of-age type of stories, but in this instance I have to say I was caught off guard. All the characters were very real, very believable and I could just see myself standing on the outskirts of the town, observing them all as the families struggle through life and try to make the best of what they have. Lise Marinelli’s writing style suited me perfectly. It’s crisp, fresh and very straightforward. You won’t find any convoluted, unnecessary ‘page-fillers’ here.” Lila Gustavus, LibraryThing.com



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