Tale of Two Losers

I have just met my cyber roommates.  And it’s not pretty.  If you were to Google my name, Lise Marinelli, you would find me nestled between two “losers”.  One, “lisetheloser”, who had gastric by-pass surgery and blogs about it, and two, Lisa Marinelli (and here’s where the name calling comes into play), the “loser” who is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.


lisetheloser (not me)

Talking Trash

Frankly, I don’t get either one.  I guess I kind of understand lisetheloser wanting to blog about her weight-loss journey, especially as she does  it with great detail.  You can feel her pain as she relives the drama of needing to have the excess fluid drained with tubes from her stomach, and then you can share the discomfort of her vomiting.  And boy, did she vomit!  She threw up so much that she reached the bottom of the vomit pit – stomach acid!  Then there was the whole dehydration thing – and that’s just not fun.

I believe we’ve all been there (the throwing up part), for one reason or another, and I admit a certain sadistic pleasure in reading of it happening to someone else, but other than that I was just grossed out.  I suppose that if you have had the surgery or are contemplating it, or even just enjoy reading about vomit, this is an excellent site to follow.  lisetheloser also provides many interesting pictures of her dogs and the fancy shoes and jacket she recently purchased from Target.  There are also sample menus, tips on gastric by-pass surgery, a picture of the bread she did not eat and a shot of the wood burning fireplace in the house she and her husband rented on Whidbey Island.

The Biggest Loser



It has been suggested by a nameless few, that I am just jealous of the other Lise’s internet success.  That my insecurities are running rampant and my underlying hope is that she will fail miserably and disappear into the abyss of the internet.  I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth!  I’m couldn’t be happier that she has a large blog following and people have actually requested her dieting log.  And I’m thrilled  that  she is  repeating,  over and over, the  fact that  she has lost weight (like I haven’t!).  I also think her mutts are simply adorable and her cousin-husband appears rugged, yet loving.  So to insinuate that it’s me with the problem is just plain ludicrous!

What’s wrong with this picture?

My other cyber neighbor is more of a conundrum.  I also admit to liking teenage boys – when I was a teenage girl!  Back then they were cute and fun and even held a certain sex appeal.  Now, I just think they’re dumb.  Wait.  That came out wrong.  Not dumb.  I guess stupid is a better word.

Lisa (not me)

Lisa Marinelli (not me)

Friends, you are listening to the voice of experience.  I have already enjoyed the puberty stage with one son, have two more pre-teen boys on deck, tolerate my daughter’s teenage boyfriend and deal with my husband’s ongoing adolescent behavior.  Someone throw me a bone here and tell me how an adult woman could possibly see a six-teen year old boy in a romantic way?  I know it’s not because they rarely brush their teeth.  Or after they use the bathroom we need to fumigate.  It couldn’t be the fact they usually have no manners, eat like pigs, borrow money constantly, wipe their arm on their sleeve, and drive crappy cars.  Umm . . .  still thinking.  Nope, I can’t come up with anything remotely attractive about a young man who wears his pants around his knees and continually hitches them up.  All I want to do is spank him – and in the bad way, not the good way.

Two times a loser

Regardless of  my opinion they are my neighbors, and until another Lise/Lisa squeezes in, we’ll all have to just get along.  So in a neighborly fashion, I wish lisetheloser the best of luck with her diet and I hope Lisa Marinelli gets the counseling she apparently needs.

Also, coming in the near future, I will be posting my daily food intake.  Just for the fun of it.

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