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I’m so excited to be publishing my second book, Merry Birthday, a children’s story based on my own son’s experience as a December birthday boy. MB tells the story of Sam, an eight-year-old boy born around the Christmas holidays, and the disappointment he feels when his special day gets lost in the holiday shuffle. Merry Birthday was a fun collaborative event, and I can’t wait to share it with the many people who understand what Sam is going through.

Writing has been an interesting experience for me in that I find myself truly engrossed in the particular genres of my books and writing projects. My historical-fiction novel, Falling from the Moon, is set in the early 1900s and I became obsessed with the time period. In addition, because the story is told by a number of characters, each with a different viewpoint, I got to imagine how not just one person might feel, but many—including a few men.

On the other hand, my “Coffee Blogs” are irreverent stories, loosely based on my immediate family’s eccentricities. They can be silly and sometimes thought-provoking, but I hope always funny and always entertaining.

Introducing . . . Merry Birthday

Merry Birthday Front

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And now there’s Merry Birthday, a children’s picture book. Through photo-realistic pictures and text that speaks to children and adults, Merry Birthday addresses a universal subject and offers a solution to a young boy dealing with an unfair circumstance.

Even though all my stories are different—some that make me laugh and some that make me cry—I truly enjoy re-reading my books and blogs. Trust me, there are many things that I would change about myself, but the work I have created, no matter how commercially successful, is pure to me and I hold it near and dear to my heart.

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